Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered ASK IT HERE.

If you are ready to find out if your are eligible CLICK HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered ASK IT HERE.

If you are ready to find out if your are eligible CLICK HERE.

What is a Sports Scholarship?

Athletic scholarships are awarded to talented student athletes who the college coach thinks will be boost their team and make an impact. The cost of attending College can be very expensive; therefore, an athletic scholarship will help to cover some, if not all of the costs


What is a Full Scholarship and what does it cover?

A full or 100% scholarship is an offer from a university or college which covers the cost of tuition, room, board, books and sports related clothing

Will I get a Full Scholarship?

Whether or not you will get a scholarship depends on many factors such as your playing ability and your academic record as well as timing (the earlier we can promote your abilities the better). We will always endeavour to obtain the best financial package for our student athletes.

Is a Scholarship in USA for Male and Female athletes?

Yes. Amazingly, soccer is the most played sport by the under 25 age group in the USA due largely to the number of College/University teams with both male and female soccer programs

How many colleges/universities do you have access to?

There are over 1700 US Colleges and Universities who play soccer as part of the various Athletic Associations. Go Soccer College USA has over 1100 of these in our Coach contact database of which over 500 are registered to use and view player profiles. All of these numbers continue to grow

What guarantees do you give students, that they will be offered a Scholarship?

There are no guarantees. We have been very successful over the last few years in finding scholarships and placements for students from the UK, Scandinavia, Australia & Canada so we expect that with our knowledge, skills expertise and contacts, we can help many students obtain offers.

The level of scholarship and the amount that students may need to contribute themselves will vary from student to student and US college to US college. We will work with you to find a scholarship or placement in a US College or University that fits your sport, academic and financial situation and we are very good at it….

What services do you offer to help students improve their chances of a Scholarship offer?

In addition to the regular communications and active marketing/promotion of your student athletes, we organise showcase events both here in the UK and over in the USA. These events are attended by Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Athletic Directors and Recruiting officers from Colleges and Universities across the USA.

We can also give the students access to professional video and video editing facilities to improve the quality of the video footage and so improve their chances of receiving a scholarship offer.

* All additional services are charged separately to the player placement service of Go Soccer College USA

What age can I apply for a Scholarship in USA?

18 -21 is the best age range but you can (and should) register  from the age of 16

Sports scholarships in America are offered by colleges and universities. This means the ideal age range to start your scholarship is 18-21.

We advise students to begin the process as soon as possible after their 16th birthday.  Being offered a soccer/sport scholarship van be a long process taking anywhere between 10 -24 months depending on your sporting & academic abilities.

The majority of scholarships available are awarded to undergraduate students. Occasionally, post graduate students  can also be eligible





What are the additional costs involved with a Sports Scholarship?

In addition to college related fees (not covered by your scholarship) you will need to have access to funds to cover.

SAT registration

Cost of obtaining your Student visa

Travel to and from home

Health insurance

Living expenses to cover social activities and any out of college expenses

Do I have to sit an exam?

The test you need to take will depend on what collegiate level you play.


To attend a 4 year college/university you will have to take the SAT test

The SAT is used by US colleges/universities to assess your academic skills.

The SAT test is owned by Collegeboard. It can be taken at a number of venues in the UK. There are 6 exams per year: January, May, June, October, November and December.

It cost around $80 / £50 to take and you can take it more than once.

When does the recruiting process start?

US coaches are always forward planning for the following season, so the earlier you begin to plan to obtain a scholarship the better your chances of being successful. First year of college of sixth form for UK student athletes (16-17years of age) is an ideal time to begin preparation.

What subjects can I study in the USA?

Anything you can study in the UK and more besides! “The world is your oyster” Business, Law, Computing, English or Kinesiology (Sports) as long as you have the academic ability. GSC take account of both your athletic ability and academic ambitions as part of our placement process. Don’t worry if you are undecided on your chosen subjects as many universities don’t insist on specialisation until Junior year (year 3).

How do the U.S Coaches make contact?

Once registered with Go Soccer College USA, you will complete an on-line profile containing the details of your sporting and academic credentials. These are accessed only by Coaches from Colleges and Universities after they after been approved by Go Soccer College USA. The Coach will then have the facility to contact either Go Soccer College USA or you directly.

Who decides which offer I accept?

You and your family are the ones who will decide whether a scholarship/placement offer is financially viable for you and no student athlete is obliged to commit to any scholarship offer, however our scholarship placement team will offer advice, guidance and support as needed to help you make the right decision.

Do I need video footage of me playing?

Yes, having a recruiting video is vital. Before a college coach speaks to you or offers you a spot on their roster, they will want to evaluate you as an athlete.

The College Coaches are in USA, you are in the UK so the best option is to have a highlight video of you in a game situation (preferably a competitive 11 v 11 game), showing the coach what you do best. If you are a striker he wants to see you scoring goals, a goalkeeper making those amazing saves you make week in week out and so on.....

It doesn’t need to be hours long, if it is good quality footage a coach can tell within a few minutes if you are the player they are looking for.

Having a highlight video is a must for college coaches, they will not recruit an athlete that they haven’t been able to see play.

How long will my Scholarship last?

Scholarships are generally offered by American Colleges and Universities on an annual basis, which means that the amount of scholarship award made available to a student athlete is reviewable each year. Under normal circumstances, a sports related (referred to as an athletic) scholarship can be made available for up to 4 years of study to enable the student to complete their degree education, although this can be extended to a 5th year in certain circumstances. Some Colleges and Universities can also provide scholarship awards based on both the students’ sporting abilities and academic achievements.

In theory, the coach can increase, decrease or cancel the scholarship award at any annual review. However, in practice a reduction or cancellation of scholarship funds rarely happens unless the student:

  1. Fails to maintain their eligibility to compete as a student athlete under the rules of the governing athletic association
  2. Fails to maintain the minimum academic requirements for the college/university
  3. Does something in serious violation of college/university behavior policy.

College soccer coaches are fully aware of the responsibility they have to a student athlete’s future so are unlikely to take actions that will have a negative impact on the completion of the student athlete’s academic course without good reason.

However, student athletes with a scholarship award have a responsibility to:

  • Perform to the best of their ability in the classroom and maintain their academic grades to a minimum standard
  • Perform to the best of their ability on the sports field both for practice and games
  • Maintain their eligibility to compete as a student athlete
Do all college/universities in the USA offer sports Scholarships?

No not all colleges/universities offer “Sports Scholarships”

Different athletic associations (which are the governing bodies of college sport in the USA) have different rules about which member colleges can offer sports scholarships and how many they can offer in each sport.

The NCAA (which is the largest athletic association) has 3 "divisions" of member schools. DI and DII schools can offer sports scholarships however DIII can not. Another group of schools unable to offer sports scholarships are those that play sport in the "Ivy" League.

DIII and Ivy League schools still produce excellent sports programs as they can use funding from other parts of the university to attract quality student athletes. These funds include academic and merit based scholarships, this is why it is very important that you work hard on your High School grades and take the SAT or ACT exams.

Other athletic associations that are able to offer sports scholarships include the NAIA and the NJCAA.

If you work towards being a complete student athlete with good soccer ability and good grades, you will find more scholarship opportunities heading your way. You must work hard academically and stand out athletically to make a college coach offer you a good scholarship deal.


What level of sport do I need to be playing to qualify for a Scholarship?

To be eligible to play collegiate sports in the USA you must:

1.Be playing (or have played) football to a good standard

  • College Football Development Centre
  • Professional Football Club Academy
  • District Football

2.Have a good level of fitness

3. Not played Professional




What academic background do I need to study in USA?

To be eligible to study in the USA you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Still be in full time education (or have left within the last 12 months)
  3. Have good high school grades (A* - D) and/of Credit/Distinction grades from college.
  4. Be prepared to take ans pass the U.S  SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  5. Be prepared to take and pass the TOEFL test if English is not your first language.


Could I receive an Academic Scholarship?

Many Colleges and Universities in the USA are able to offer scholarship awards based on a student athlete’s academic achievements as well as their athletic abilities. Academic scholarship awards are usually based on the student’s most recent exam grades combined with their test scores from either the SAT or ACT exams. Academic scholarships can be awarded instead of or, in addition to an athletic (sports) scholarship given to a student athlete with each College or University having its own criteria for a student to be eligible for this type of scholarship award.


There are also other types of scholarship awards that may be available to student athletes based on a range of criteria that is neither sport or academic related. These are too numerous to list here but it is the role of Go Soccer College USA to explore all of the scholarships awarded by a particular college/university once the soccer coach has expressed an interest in recruiting one of our players so that we can maximize the scholarship award and minimize the contribution to the student and their family.



Can I transfer to a different College?

Players can transfer from one college or university to another whilst studying in the USA. This happens most often when students who have completed an Associate’s Degree (2 year) course, wish to continue their education by “upgrading” to a Bachelor’s Degree (4 year) course after graduating.

Some students do transfer to a different college/university before they complete their academic course and they do this for a variety of reasons. This is acceptable but, to prevent players being “persuaded” to transfer solely based on offers of higher scholarship awards without concern for their education there are rules put in place by the governing athletic association which must be followed. These include:

·         When transferring between colleges/university in the US, the student must have earned a minimum of 24 credit hours at the first college/university they attended

·         If the student then wishes to make a second transfer, they are required to sit-out a full year of competition before they are eligible to play for the new college/university. This means that they will miss a full academic year of playing soccer for their new college


Other rules (not mentioned here) can also apply depending upon the student’s individual situation and which Athletic Association is responsible for the sport at the college/university in question.

What happens if I don't like it in the USA?

Not every international student attending on a sports scholarship in America will settle in well. This can be due to various reasons such as homesickness, injury, lack of form, inability to adopt to culture or climate. Maybe academically a student struggles with course work or simply fails to settle in at the college they chose.

Where this happens we look to support our students to help them through what can be a temporary challenge for them to overcome. If, however, the student continues to struggle to adapt, there are options that include:

  1. Transferring to another college within the US
  2. Returning to their home country

In both cases, we would advise the student to complete their current year of studies* as this will give them more options.

(*) Many US Colleges/Universities offer online study courses which may allow you to complete the current year of studies "at home" 

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